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We provide strategic advice to help improve the performance of retail locations, in town, out of town, traditional, non traditional, outlet centres, etc. Bespoke location strategies are based on detailed analysis of consumer and retailer research. Robust and credible recommendations are founded on a proven understanding of consumers and their shopping habits / behaviour.

The type of projects we are regularly involved in include:

  • Town centre retail and leisure strategies

  • Shopping centre retail potential studies

  • Planning study and CPO support

  • Pre-acquisition analysis

  • ATCM Town Centre Performance Studies

  • Optimum mix identification

  • Tailored presentations to target retailers

  • Portfolio assessments

  • National opportunity studies

  • Retail impact assessments

  • Consumer and market research

  • Turnover and rent forecasting

  • Multi-layered GAP analysis

  • Retail inward investment strategies

  • B.I.D. support

We have completed detailed studies in over 150 different towns / cities nationwide and internationally, from major city centres such as Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, York, London and Canterbury to local town centres and market towns such as Corby, Wakefield, Yeovil and Frome! We regularly work alongside the leading planning consultancies and also identify strategies for non-traditional locations such as regional centres and regeneration hotspots.

"There’s no such thing as a bad catchment, it’s about having the right offer!"

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