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The Retail Group has helped to grow and improve a whole variety of markets including major city centre markets, local town centre markets, street markets and even specialist niche markets. We apply the same philosophy to markets as that employed for retail and retail location projects.

This approach ensures that we get it right for the customer, the market trader and the market operator. Our clients include local authorities, market operators and shopping centre owners.

 The type of projects we are involved in include:

  • Relocation strategies

  • Layout strategies

  • Revenue improvement programmes

  • New market assessments

  • Performance improvement programmes

  • Local authority assessments

  • Strategic reviews

  • Operational reviews

  • Consumer research

  • Traders workshops and training support

We have worked for local authorities and market operators in a wide variety of market locations from Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle to Harrow Road, Hackney, Spitalfields and Portobello Road to name a few.

"Focus on the customer, understand their needs, improve their experience, provide them with the right offer."

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