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Who we are

A leading management consultancy specialising in retail, with over 20 years trading history, staffed exclusively by experienced retailers.  

We provide support to retailers and retail related businesses across the UK and internationally. Our recommendations and outputs are succinct, easily absorbed, understood and most importantly actionable. 

We tell it how it is!  This down to earth approach is the reason why we have long term relationships with many of our clients. 

Our consulting team is lead by Mike Evans and Paul Frater, the business principals who between them are also actively involved in every project. Caroline, Nicola, Anna, Mariana and Emily are all long term members of The Retail Group team.

This team is committed to providing excellent service and helping our clients to improve their business performance.

What we do

We improve the retail performance of your business, town centre or asset.  Our core strength is in identifying the retail needs and aspirations of consumers, their shopping behaviour and their interaction with retailers' frontline activity.  This understanding of the consumer and their interaction with retail underpins all improvements to retail performance.

We work for retailers, operators, developers, landlords, institutions and local authorities.

We develop the right mix of research and analysis to provide best value, cost effective solutions.  Our projects are all bespoke, delivered with the specific needs of your business in mind.  While our approaches are proven, no two projects are the same.  We listen to the needs of your business and target our approach accordingly.  

While research will identify the problem, we see our role as to provide the solution. 

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