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We are management consultants and we work in the broad retail, consumer and retail property sectors. We provide outstanding retail consultancy and detailed advice, which leads to real actions to improve the performance of your business.

Why Use Us?

Our background and experience as retail operators combined with decades of consulting experience for retailers, developers and local authorities has provided us with a clear understanding of consumers and their behaviour at the frontline; in shops, high streets, markets and many non-traditional "retail" venues.

Our focus is on the customer and their needs and aspirations.  We  assess your business, location, town centre or asset through a variety of tailored and bespoke research methods, to provide "real" deliverable strategies and to improve performance and sales.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we’ve been helping businesses all over the country to reopen, recover and thrive.  This has been via telephone conversations and virtual meetings, workshops and webinars, as demonstrated by the short video.

How we help independent businesses

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